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JetDownloader is designed by SuperCoders.org, a global community with shared values, working together since 2008. Our vision is to develop the best tools for the internet and make internet experience better. We believe that internet should be open, public, and accessible to everyone without any restrictions, as well as that freeware developed and promoted through community processes is the best way for a better internet.

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Posted on: December 19th, 2012 by jetdl

We are a software development team that strives for innovation and excellence on the Internet. We are a small but very committed group of developers who believe in building advanced software to make people’s lives easier. Our greatest reward comes only through achieving our goal of satisfying our users and working with like minded people who share the same values of a better Internet as we do.

Our values

  • We are determined that the internet is an essential part of modern life and that’s why we believe that by creating a better Internet we take a step towards creating a better life, for us and for everyone out there.
  • We believe in an open and public internet and create software to support that vision.
  • We see the internet as a powerful tool for building communities of people who share the same values and strive for a better, open internet too.
  • We simply create great software. JetDownloader is the new premium downloader that we always wanted, but didn’t exist out there up until now.