Quick Start Guide

Posted on: January 2nd, 2013 by jetdl

Welcome to JET Downloader! This guide is to configure JET Downloader, addressed to www.zevera.com premium users, providing them better speeds.


Once you have JET Downloader installed, it will open automatically, otherwise run the application from your desktop.While initializing the following window will appear.


Now you can customize your JET Downloader Settings!SettingsNew window will appear. Enter your premium account username and password.As soon as you enter your username and password you can start downloading.


In case, you do not enteryour premium account credentials or you enter incorrect information, the following window will appear.


Now, if you wish, you can continue customization. You click on the various types of setting provided and set your preferences as shown at the pictures below.


This is the Main Screen of JET Donloader:


If Grabber is On when you copy a link is automatically copied at Grabber. If Grabber is Off you have to manually past the link.


Copy the links you want from any supported file hoster.


On Grabber you can see all the links received from clipboard where you can manage them as you wish. The links are moved to the Grabber when copied only if you have selected Manual Mode. In case you have selected Open Dialogue mode links will be moved to Grabber only if you click on Save. Links will remain at Grabber up until you decide to manage them appropriately. If you have selected Auto Mode this process will be skipped and links will be moved to the Queuing List directly.


You can add links manually also by clicking on Add Links. The same window appears also when you have selected Open Dialogue Mode and pops up when you copy a link. Here you can manage, edit, insert information and more.


If you have not check a link or a package of links up until now, checking will start as soon as the link is moved to the Queuing List and then will be automatically moved to the Downloading Engines if available and start downloading.


At this grid you can see the links that are being downloaded at the moment.


You can select if you want to show or hide Engines and Summary Information as well. They provide you information about the items that are currently being downloaded like the progress, the speed and more.


On Completed Download grid you can see all the downloaded files where you can manage them as you wish.


The Error list provides you information about the links that could not be downloaded.