F. A. Q.

Posted on: January 2nd, 2013 by jetdl


Do I have to purchase JetDownloader?

No, you can download JetDownloader totally for free. However, you must have a premium account in any supported file-hoster or multi-hoster in order to download.

How does JetDownloader accelerate my download speeds?

JetDownloader acceleration is obtained primarily by using our multi-connection feature to perform the download and locating the most responsive servers from which to access the file.

What operating systems is JetDownloader compatible with?

The current version of JetDownloader is compatible with Windows XP, Vista or Seven. For Windows Vista and 7 users it is recommended to turn off UAC.

Can I use JetDownloader with Mac, IPad/IPhone or Unix/Linux systems?

The current version of JetDownloader does not support Mac, IPad/IPhone or Unix/Linux operating systems. Maybe we will release compatible versions in the future.

Does JetD support proxy servers?

The current version of JetDownloader does not support proxy servers but we will release compatible versions in the future.

Are there specific file hosters supported by JetDownloader?

Yes. Check the list below:

Can I download videos from YouTube and other video sites?

JetDownloader is a free Streaming Media Downloader which can help you to download Streaming Media from supported streaming media sites, like Youtube, metacafe.com etc, including social video sites and social music sites easily and with great speed!

What is the Join-Uncompressing List?

Compressed files are widely used to reduce file size to save space and to save time in file transfer. JetDownloader automatically decompress after downloading. In some cases the compressed file may be damaged because of a transfer error when downloading the file or because of an error during the compression process. When you download a compressed file, JetDownloader will check the file’s integrity. If the file is corrupted, the file will be moved to the error list.

How can I temporary disable Grabber to copy something that I don’t want to be grabbed.

Just turn Grabber off. JetDownloader is still running but Grabber does not copy anything from clipboard. When Grabber is off, you can manually paste the links you want by selecting Add Links.

How do I check if my downloaded files are safe for my computer?

To keep you safe from potential hazardous files, JetDownloader allows your antivirus program to check all the files you download.

I want to uninstall JetDownloader How should I do this?

Select Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > JetDownloader and select uninstall program.

What does it mean when status is characterized as inactive/unreachable/unsupported?

Inactive: The file-hoster of the link you attempt to download is inactive at the moment Unreachable: JetDownloader cannot get response from server Unsupported: The file-hoster of the link you attempt to download is not supported by JetDownloader yet.

Customizing JetDownloader

The files I download are compressed. What should I do?

Select Settings > Download Settings > Uncompress Files after Downloading. If it is already checked, then probably password has been set or an error occurred while downloading.

Can Grabber only copy links from supported hosters?

Grabber copies all links. If you want only to copy links from supported hosters, select Settings > Grabber Settings > Grab Links > Only Links Supported by JetDownloader.

I don’t want to be shown up notifications. What should I do?

Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Show Notifications and uncheck it.

Can I avoid downloading process if the file does not exist?

Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Download Package if only exists.

I don’t want to manually check links at the Grabber List, but I still want to use Manual Mode. What should I do?

Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Automatic Check of the Grabbed Link.

How can I add a new download category in JetDownloader?

Select Settings > Category > Add. You can further customize your categories by selecting More at the Categories Manager window.

I want JetDownloader to check only one (or only set amount of) file(s) at a time. How can I configure it this way?

Select Settings > Download Settings > Max Link Parallel Checking which you select.


What happens if I lost my Internet connection?

When a connection is dropped for any reason, an alert message will appear. JetDownloader will be able to resume automatically the download when the connection is restored. JetDownloader can only resume the download, however, if the server supplying the file supports resume functionality. Most servers on the Internet support this feature.

The text is not aligned properly on the machine engines. What should I do?

The current version of JetDownloader encounters some display problems when Screen Resolution is at 125%.To fix this, please select Start > Control Panel > Appearance & Personalization > display > Screen Resolution > Make text and other items larger or smaller > 100% & or 150%. This problem will be repaired in future versions.

I cannot see the Downloading Engines grid. What should I do?

Please click on refresh. If problem remains resize the JetDownloader window.

Premium Accounts

How can I purchase a premium account?

You should check the supported file-hosters and multi-hosters. Choose your preferred file-hoster(s) or multi-hoster(s) and click on the appropriate URL and you’ll be linked to premium account registration page of the selected hoster.

What is the difference between a premium account user and a non-premium account user?

JetDownloader is addressed to premium users who want to download with the highest possible speed, thus a premium account is needed in order to download, excepting free download sites.

Is premium account purchase one-time payment or do I have to pay again? What about free updates?

It depends on the hoster you have chosen and the premium account you bought. JetDownloader is a freeware with Auto Updates.

Can I use JetDownloader on several computers or operation systems on the same computer as a premium user?

JetDownloader is a freeware, thus, can be downloaded on several computers, but you cannot download simultaneously on more than one with the same premium account credentials because account sharing is against TOS and you are at the risk of being banned forever.

I do not understand how to register JET Downloader. What should I do?

Once you have installed the latest version of JetDownloader you will be asked to enter the premium account credentials.


Click ‘ok’ in the message box and then double click on the selected category. Enter the premium account credentials and click on check hoster. Information about the expiration date of your subscription and the traffic used today should be shown as below.


I have entered my premium account credentials but I still cannot download as a premium user. What should I do?

Select Settings > Hoster Settings and click on Check Hoster. If you get an error message like the one below, please re-enter your premium account credentials. Otherwise your premium account has expired.

Can I have a free trial period before purchasing a premium account in any supported file-hoster or multi-hoster?

We have contacted with our supported file-hosters and multi-hosters and a free trial period can be given after request. Please, note that free trial period is given only once. Fill in the request form here: URL.

My trial period has ended and now JET Downloader asks for premium account credentials. Can I get another trial period?

No, you must buy a premium account.

How can I check my premium account credentials?

I run Jet Downloader, but I get the following error message. What should I do?