The World's Fastest Premium Downloader

JetDownloader is the new premium and absolutely free download accelerator and manager, that we always wanted, but didn't exist up until now! is proud for creating the world's fastest and 100% safe downloader, though flexible and easy-to-use, addressed to users with file hosting premium accounts, such as rapidshare, hotfile, oron, etc. JetD is the fisrt downloader supporting multi-host technology. Video hosters like YouTube, MySpace and many others are supported as well. Wait no more!

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JetDownloader is a powerful premium FTP software which works with both File and Cloud storage services. It is simple and easy-to-use and you can try it free before you buy.

It’s made for premiums

JetDownloader is especially made for users with want to use FTP for cloud hosting and premium hoster accounts.  So, if you have a premium account, now FTP  is even easier, faster, more effective and absolutely free.

It’s Virus Free

No Adware! No Spyware! No Viruses! Get JetDownloader now! It doesn’t have spyware, or viruses. You won’t see pop-ups, your browser won’t be hijacked, and your home page will remain the same. JetDownloader doesn’t ask for personal information, like your name, your email, or your bank account.

It’s Fast

JetDownloader can accelerate file transfer speed up to 6 times by using specialized complex algorithms of dynamic connection. Unlike all other products of its kind, JetD has the capability to utilize100% of the available bandwidth.

It’s Stable

JetDownloader does not crash neither interfere with normal computer usage, hence, when in use, JetD will not slow down your system.

It’s Smart and can handle disconnections

JetDownloader uses advanced text recognition methods that can separate links from simple text. When you copy any text where links are included, JetD recognizes the supported links, grabs and accelerates them.

It’s Up-To-Date

JetDownloader’s developer team is devoted on this project, continuously working and optimizing it day by day!